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It Ends with Us by

By Colleen Hoover

August, 2016

Our Review

Hoover’s latest novel explores the complicated subject of domestic violence with romantic tenderness and emotional heft. Lily Bloom runs a flower shop for people who hate flowers, while Ryle Kincaid is a surgeon who says he never wants to get married or have kids. They meet on a rooftop in Boston on the night Ryle loses a patient and Lily attends her abusive father’s funeral. The provocative opening takes a dark turn when Lily receives a warning about Ryle’s intentions from his sister, who becomes Lily’s employee and close friend. In The Diary of a Teenage Girl , author Lizzy Brown portrays her own love story through Lily, a high school student who is struggling with her mother’s abusive relationship with her husband.
When Ryle is not in the throes of a jealous rage, his redeeming qualities return, and Lily can justify his behavior: “I think we needed what happened on the stairwell to happen so that I would know his past and we’d be able to work on it together,” she tells herself. Lily marries Ryle hoping the good will outweigh the bad, and the mother-daughter dynamics evolve beautifully as Lily reflects on her childhood with fresh eyes. Diary entries fancifully addressed to TV host Ellen DeGeneres serve as flashbacks to Lily’s teenage years, when she met her first love, Atlas Corrigan, a homeless boy she found squatting in a neighbor’s house. When Atlas turns up in Boston, now a successful chef—and soon to become Lily’s husband—he begs Lily to leave Ryle. Despite the better option right in front of her (a wonderful future with Atlas), an unexpected complication forces Lily to cut ties with Atlas and confront Ryle before it’s too late.” 

The connections are depicted with sympathy and trustworthiness, and the writer’s note toward the end that clarifies Hoover’s unique interaction for the topic is a must-peruse. Loaded with riveting show and excruciating bits of insight, this book capably represents the demolition of misuse — and the strength of the survivors.

Book Summary

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover must be one of my #1 sentiment books ever. It Ends with Us is a book that follows a young lady named Lily who has recently moved and is prepared to begin her life after school. Lily then meets a person named Ryle and she succumbs to him. As she is creating affections for Ryle, Atlas, her most memorable love, returns and difficulties the connection among Lily and Ryle. In the wake of perusing the book, I rate It Ends with Us 5 stars. This book is a 5-star commendable book since it didn’t fall into similar dull snare as other sentiment books ordinarily do. I have seen from perusing heaps of sentiment books that there is a similar fundamental plot in pretty much each and every one, and this book didn’t have that, which was truly reviving. Something that I truly appreciated inside this book was the strong and effective message that is ordinarily not examined. I didn’t anticipate being affected and moved by the book however much I did. I additionally truly adored how Lily’s personality was depicted in the book. How much strength that Lily shows all through the book is really motivating. This story is told exclusively according to Lily’s viewpoint and I cherished this angle. It Ends with Us truly permits you to experience and feel all that Lily goes through and it makes for a horrible book that will make you chuckle, grin, and cry. In conclusion, this book gets 5 stars from me in view of how mind boggling and profound the plot and the characters were. The story makes a plunge and investigates the ill defined situation of things and shows how life isn’t simply highly contrasting. The book was continually amazing me and I never needed to put the book down. By and large, this book isn’t only perhaps of the best sentiment book that I have perused, however quite possibly of the best book I have at any point perused overall. I strongly suggest perusing It Ends with Us and I’m certain you will give it 5 stars as well.

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